Cosmic Yoyo Ultimate Yoyo Trick DVD

Cosmic Yoyo Ultimate Trick DVD

This collection is highly recommended as a learning tool for any level performer. Here you get tips, techniques and training for beginner, intermediate and beyond advanced with over 136 tricks.

The Cosmic Yo-yo�s Ultimate Trick Collection DVD is an exciting 2 Disc set that contains instruction and demonstration. It features over 300 different tricks.

Disc 1 is a complete yo-yo training course.

Disc 2 contains 192 nu skool freestyle tricks.that will teach you to deal with things like Freehand, Off String, Whip Tricks, Slack String, Grinds and a whole lot more.

As if you could stand any more, the whole thing is on DVD so that means you get special features like Slow Motion, Looping the scene for repeated viewing, Multiple Camera Angles and awesome Search catagories.

The Cosmic Yo-yo Ultimate Trick DVD is available at many stores!

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