Yomega Powerwing Brain Yoyo

Yomega Powerwing Brain Yoyo

The Yomega Powerwing Brain is the improved version of the Brain, featuring a 3 point floating synchronous clutch. This high performance yoyo will automatically return after a sleeper has been thrown.

Comes in random, assorted colors.

This yoyo is an excellent choice for beginners, because they will be able to get the yoyo to “wake up” after they throw a sleeper. Consider buying a regular yoyo too, so that you can continue to advance after you master this important yoyo technique.

This great yoyo has a unique flared wing design to allow the best play for performing all the most exciting string tricks. A flared gap version of the Power Brain, it is great for a beginner to practice basic tricks where you land the yoyo on the string.

The Yomega Power Wing Brain Yoyo is available in many stores!

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