Yomega Hyperwarp Heavy Wing Yo-yo

Yomega Hyperwarp Heavy Wing Yo-yo

This rim weighted, unique flared wing shaped, bearing yo-yo takes play one step further. Designed to meet the needs of all new styles of play.

Despite the high speed sleepers, this yoyo is still responsive due to a slightly smaller gap. Pro to beginner will love this yo.

The Hyperwarp Heavy Wing from Yomega delivers! It gives everything and more than its name promises. Based on the popular Hyperwarp, this wing has inset stainless weight rings that will bring the weight to 70 grams.

The HyperWarp Heavy Wing prepares players for the cutting edge. The Yomega HyperWarp Heavy Wing is the preferred yo-yo for players who want some weight to throw around! This yoyo rocks!

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