Hyperwarp Wing Yo-Yo by Yomega

Hyperwarp Wing Yo-Yo by Yomega

The Hyperwarp wing may soon be a best seller for beginners and pros alike.

The Hyper Warp Wing features Yomega’s exclusive Roller Bearing technology. You can count on excellent sleep times, and predictable response. It is easily one of Yomegas smoothest, most responsive, best performing yoyos.

Its flared gap design, and ultra smooth performance make complicated string tricks like Trapeze and Split the Atom very easy.

The HyperWarp Wing is the ultimate in flared wing shaped bearing system yo-yos. A professional, advanced yo-yo, the HyperWarp Wing spins at very high speeds and rides the string smoothly. Removable caps allow players to add weight for a competitive edge.

The Yomega Hyperwarp Wing Yoyo is available in many stores!

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