Throw Monkey yoyo by Duncan

Throw Monkey yoyo by Duncan

The Duncan Throwmonkey comes with a bouncy-ball counterweight for standard and “bouncy-style” freehand tricks. It is a ball-bearing yo-yo designed for string tricks and freehand yo-yo play. Made with input from the National Yo-Yo Master, Steve Brown, as well as freehand players from around the world. The Duncan Throwmonkey is the ultimate freehand yo-yo for all your crazy tricks.

This yo-yo has a strong plastic body with overmolded rubber rims for greater durability, a ball-bearing axle for long spin times. It also includes Friction Stickers for smooth play and perfect response, and interchangeable graphic side caps.

The Duncan Throw Monkey yo yo is available in many stores!

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Russell Nelson December 11, 2010 at 8:20 am

This yo-yo is unreliable and very heavy. It’s good for beginner tricks and some intermediate. I would advise that you learn 3 or four tricks before buying this yo-yo and I recomend at and there you can buy your string in bulk, because this yo-yo is so heavy it will eat string very fast.


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