Mondial aluminum yoyo by Duncan

Mondial Aluminum Yoyo

From the Black Forest of Germany, the Mondial is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, with the most high-precision gap adjustment system ever created. The Mondial is a must-have for any serious player, collector, or enthusiast.

Every turn of the halves widens or narrows the gap by one-half the width of a human hair! (You adjust the gap on a yoyo to make it harder or easier to “wake up” or do “string” tricks where the yoyo lands on the string.)

Hardened steel pins hold the adjustment in place, and thick rubber o-rings protect your hand from how fast this yo-yo can spin.

The Mondial also features a lube injection port, that allows you to lube the bearing without disassembling the yo-yo. Simply inject your Duncan lube into the side, and the lube stays in a reservoir in the axle rod, and dispenses into the bearing as needed.

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