Duncan DVD of Yo-yo Tricks

Duncan DVD of Yo-yo Tricks

Plenty of quick wit, out-takes, action sequences and slapstick humor keep the pace quick and fun. “How To Be A Player” Volume 1, “Yo-Yo Trick Video” features Duncan Professionals’ Steve Brown (inventor of Freehand yo-yo play) and Chris Neff (pioneer of Off-String yo-yo play). This video covers the classic tricks with a fresh, unique style guaranteed to turn absolute beginners into up-and-coming pros.

Bonus segments teaching Freehand, Off-String, Triple A, and other wild new styles never before demonstrated on video offers something for everyone. Also features footage from the 1979 Duncan Yo-Yolympics campaign, and music from bands like Less Than Jake and Jersey.

Also featuring Duncan Pros Steve Brown and Chris Neff, Volume 2 covers all the classic spin top tricks, as well as incredible new tricks never-before-seen on video, such as “Corkscrew”, “Mach 5”, and “Bermuda Triangle”. “How To Be A Player” Volume 2 “Spin Top Trick Video” is the first ever instructional video dedicated to spin tops!!

Featuring Duncan’s Rip-Cord and Bearing King spin tops, Volume 2 teaches how to spin tops and have fun doing it. Fast-paced action sequences, out-takes, crazy stunts, and incredible new tricks make this video not only an industry first, but an enjoyable and informative ride for the whole family! Also features music from Less Than Jake, as well as record label Fueled by Ramen.

DVD includes How to Be a Player Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 on a single DVD.

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